Terrace Drive-In

Located at 1956 Maybank Hwy in the Gravel Lot next to Zia Taqueria.

We have received written permission from the Governor's office and County Sheriff's office to open Charleston's very own drive-in theater. We will be following all CDC guidelines to keep you and your loved ones safe.

How It Works:

- Tickets are $28 Per Car Load
- All tickets and concessions must be purchased online - Tickets will not be available for purchase at the theater.
-Concessions can be purchased at www.terracetheater.com/concessions-ordering
- Gates open at 7PM - VERY LIMITED TICKETS
- When you arrive, check in at the front of the building underneath the marquee. A staff member will verify your ticket and direct you to the parking lot, where another staff member will direct you to your parking space. Cars will be parked ONE AT A TIME.
- SUVs, trucks, and other large vehicles will be directed to the back, while smaller cars will be closer to the screen. 
-The sound from the movie is transmitted to your vehicle's FM radio. Be sure to set your radio to channel 88.3 FM after parking!
- Concessions must be purchased online before the show (see our concessions  ordering page), and can be picked up at check-in.
Sorry, no refills on popcorn or drinks. Concessions will close at 10PM each night.
- Spaces are limited so be sure to book in advance!


- All guests must remain inside their vehicle at all times, except for restroom use. No lawn chairs or tailgating will be allowed. If you leave your vehicle and do not observe social distancing, we will stop the movie and you will be asked to leave.
- Maximum 6 people per car.
- Restrooms are available inside the building. A staff member will be stationed at the door to limit no more than 3 guests inside at a time. Patrons will be required to wear a mask indoors at all times. Masks will be provided for those who may not have them.
- Shows will play rain or (moon)shine. NO refunds will be given for any tickets or purchased items.
- You must remain in control of your vehicle's headlights and they must remain OFF at all times. If your vehicle's lights do not turn off, you will be required to cover them with black construction paper.
- You must arrive and be parked before the show begins. No late admissions.


Unhinged (Terrace Drive-In)

90 mins | Rated R

Friday August 21
Saturday August 22
Sunday August 23
Monday August 24
Tuesday August 25
Wednesday August 26